Hope International Film Festival

{Stockholm 2021}

With over a thousand film festivals worldwide, the film industry isn’t short on festivals that focus its themes on culture, history, entertainment, science fiction and thrillers. However there are only a handful of film festivals that direct their efforts towards highlighting the struggles of people with physical and mental disabilities. That’s where we come in.


As a pioneer in providing for the less fortunate members of its society, and highly regarded for its support of human rights through all age groups, Sweden emerged as the ideal location for the first ‘Hope International Film Festival’ in the European Union. 

From the heart and capital city, Stockholm, the festival will act as a global platform for the Cinematic Arts, highlighting the challenges faced by men, women and children with physical and mental disabilities as well as refugees. We will also screen films about the COVID-19 pandemic, its psychological and physical impact on humanity and the struggles faced by different age groups around the world. All of this, along side other connected humanitarian issues.

Our mission is to bring to light the difficulties and hardships that disabled people face, educate them and develop their creativity and slowly but surely give them hope connecting them to the right people. We plan to achieve this by attracting relevant films from around the world for the festival, undertake seminars, lectures and discussion sessions with Senior Directors, Movie Producers, Writers, Critics, Celebrities, and Media Professionals.

The festival intends to reach, entertain and educate the largest possible audience and influence them to stand by us and support our noble cause. Together we can make a change.

Cinema lovers can follow the action via the festival’s email newsletter, YouTube channel and other social media channels.