12 - Honors:He was honored in more than one art festival in Egypt and abroad, including:The Dome of the Rock Mosque - Fatah Palestine Organization - 1979Saad Eddin Wahba Theater Festival 1998Saad Eddin Wahba Theater Festival 2004Yousry El-Gendy Theater Festival 2007Rotterdam Arab Film Festival 0, Netherlands 2007Tawfiq Al-Hakim Theater Festival 2008Film Support Festival 2009Kuwait Cinema Club Shield 2013Shield of the National Council for Culture and Arts - Kuwait 2013National Council for Youth Shield 2013Model Al-Aqsa Council - State of Palestine 2014Hamsa International Festival for Slang Poetry 2014Lebanese Film Festival 2014Shield of the Syndicate of Syrian Artists 2014Shield of Faten Hamama International Film Festival 2014Shield of the Arab Academy for Technology and Maritime Transport 2015-2016-2017Shield of the 2015 Cam International Film FestivalFilm Professions Syndicate Shield 2016Joomla Nurture Egypt Shield to Activate Tourism 2016The Palestine Liberation Organization Shield 2016State of Palestine Shield from the Palestinian Minister of Culture 2016Shield of Al-Nahj International Film Festival - Iraq 2016Shield of Al-Bayan College - Sultanate of Oman - Muscat International Film Festival 2016Shield of the Syrian Festival for Youth Films - from the Syrian Minister of Culture 2016Palestine Embassy Shield - Palestinian Film Week 2017Shield of the Martil Film Festival - Morocco 2017Shield of the Sfax Mediterranean Film Festival 2019The silver dagger from the Qatari Center of the General Union of Arab Artists, Sultanate of Oman 2019Shield of Youssef Shaheen Festival for Short Films 2020