Dr. Khaled alzadjali

Film director and producer of many feature and documentary films:- The long feature films:1990 (The wedding)1993 (boll fight)2006 (Al boom)2012 (Assel)2019 (Zayana) Oman -IndiaAnd many films, plays and TV drama.- Founder and chairman of Oman Film Society 2002-2016.- Founder and president of Muscat International Film Festival.- Vice President of the General Union of Arab Artists- Member and head of jury community in many local, Arab and International film festivals- Head of production sector in Oman TV Public Authority of Radio and Television and Advisor for Minister of Information for production.- Lecturer in Media College from 2010 till now.- Production Adviser to chairman of PART in 2005-2018.- Director of Cinemana film festival from 2019 till now