Marc Besson

Marc Besson (° 1964, Antwerp, Belgium) Concept Design Promotion and Sales Marc has over a quarter of a century of experience in the creation, promotion and production of theater, dance and musical. He focuses on Europe and the Middle East. Marc produced musicals such as Tintin de Zonnetempel, Pippi Longstocking The Strongest Adventure of the Whole World !, Suske en Wiske - the musical, Jungle book, Pippi is making a mess, Fantasia de Muisical and Camille. As a marketing manager, he promoted several Cirque du Soleil shows in Belgium and countless Belgian and international performances (including Peter Pan The Never Ending Story in Qatar and Georgian Youth Dance Company in the United Arab Emirates). Marc organized events and created shows tailored to companies such as GM, IMPS, Telenet, Toyota and many others. The common thread through his work is communication and content.