Alamir Abaza

• Writer, film critic, poet, and film producer
2 - Academic qualifications:
• Postgraduate Diploma - Higher Institute of Art Criticism - Academy of Arts 1990
• Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University Journalism Division, 1984
3- Current Jobs:
• President of the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean Countries 2013- until now
President of the Egyptian Society of Film Writers & Critics 2013-present
• Editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar Al-Masaa newspaper - Akhbar Al-Youm 2005-2019
• President of the General Federation of Arab Film Societies and Clubs 2013- until now
• Member of the Board of Directors of the Egypt Writers Union 2013-2016
Treasurer of the Egypt Writers Union 2016-2018
Founder and first president of the "Cinema House" 2012-2016.
Film producer who produced 2008 feature film "Camp".
Member of the Syndicate of Journalists - 1990
Member of the Egyptian Writers Union - 2003
Member of the Syndicate of Film Professions 20000
2007 Member of the Chamber of Film Industry
Member of the Egyptian Intellectuals Association
Member of the Union of Arab Journalists
Member of the Egyptian Film Critics Association
- Member of the Film Writers and Critics Association
* Editor-in-chief of the Cairo newspaper 2004-2014
He has participated in journalistic and critical writing for many Egyptian and Arab newspapers and magazines since 1979
9- Publications:
He has authored a number of books on politics, art, literature, religious thought and