Dr. Mohamed Al- Komy

Workplace: He works for the National Center for Theater, Music and Folk Art - Director of the Editing and Audiovisual Library departments - and the Artistic Director of Publications (9 Hassan Sabry St., Zamalek)


Postgraduate diploma at the Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2007 with a grade of

 very good.

- Obtained the TOEFL Test 551 points - Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, 2008 AD

- Holds a master's degree on 12/5/2014 under the title (Technical Characteristics of the Concept of Fear in the Drama of Arabal "An Analytical Study of Selected Texts)

 Language Skills:


Arabic language it is Mother Language

English: (Reading is very good - writing is good - speaking good)

Computer Skills:

Good knowledge of all Windows families

Good knowledge of HTML code.

Good knowledge of CSS.

Good knowledge of TCP / IP, Access Point Protocol

Good knowledge of MS

 OFFICE & Internet

Create Web pages and personal sites

- Site databases planning

- Artistic production of the pages of technical magazines, books, identities of scientific meetings, international conferences and festivals, using specialized graphic programs

- adobe photoshop - indesign - illustrator - adobe premiere ..


Transforming data and information into pictures and drawings through special designs, either for company presentations or explanatory videos for knowledge and awareness, and presenting them in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Specialized in installing computer components

Specializes in installing and managing networks and


solving their problems.

Specializes in preparing all applications and programs

Specialized in System Restore and Backup

- Specializes in displaying digital goods with defining the differences between all the different types that are universally recognized

Specialization in the field of advertising, since 2004 until now

 Previous experience:

 - Participated in many sessions of the Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theater.

- He worked from 12/8/2005 to 2007 in the Information Center of the Academy of Arts.

- Participated in several sessions of the National Theater Festival as artistic director of publications.

- Designing the technical page for TOP 10 Star News

Magazine at the beginning of 2008.

- Worked as the editorial board of the theater magazine in 2008

He worked on advanced digital products with Good Dream Company from (2005 - 2010). He also worked on establishing studios and installing networks and digital guard systems.

Establishing and designing sites management.

E-marketing on social


Making technical designs and preparing them for printing or digital display

He works for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in many festivals, scientific forums and conferences as an artistic director, the most important of which is

1- The Africa Conference in the Heart of Egypt

2- Censorship and theater

3- The International

 Scientific Forum of the Egyptian Arts Academy (since its establishment until now)

4- Muscat International Film Festival 2014-2016-2018 session

5- Artistic production of the Arab Family magazine, which is issued in the Sultanate of Oman

6- Creating a complete identity for each of the celebrations honoring the pioneers of the National

 Center for Theater, Music and Folk Art, including (Abu Al-Ela Al-Salamouni - Laila Taher - Hana Al-Shorbaji - Rashwan Tawfiq - Soheir Al-Morshedy - Izzat Al-Alayli - Aida Abdel Aziz - Madiha Hamdy .