Mfarh Al shimary

Mufreh Al-Shammari is a Kuwaiti journalist and head of the art page in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa and vice president of the Arab Media Union. He was born on January 22, 1969 in the Jahra district of Kuwait.


Board of Directors of the Arab Media Union


May 31, 2017  , the Board of Directors of the Arab Media Union decided to appoint four vice-presidents, including the journalist Mufreh Al-Shammari from Kuwait. In a statement to the Middle East News Agency, Al-Sharqawy added that the Federation’s Board of


Directors also decided to continue Counselor Muhammad Al-Sharqawy as Secretary-General of the Union and to select eight assistant secretaries.


Head of many media centersjustice

In the festivals of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature, the Higher Institute for Theatrical and Musical Arts in Kuwait, the Kuwait International Monodrama Festival and the Arab


Theater Festival, the eighth session organized by the Arab Theater Authority Sharjah.


He worked in the new dawn, politics, Al Qabas and public opinion, and is currently the head of the art department in the Kuwaiti Al Anbaa newspaper from 2002 until now.