Nasser Al-Ameri

Sultanate of Oman - Muscat Born January 24, 1973 The beginning of my interest in cinema was at the end of 2013, by encouraging a colleague to participate in one of the organizing committees of the 8th Muscat International Film Festival that was held at the beginning of 2014, and after this distinguished participation, my meeting with the pioneer of Omani cinema, Dr. Khaled Al-Zadjali, President of the Muscat International Film Festival and President of the Omani Association For the cinema at that time, and with his encouragement, she joined the association as a member and participated in its various activities Member of the Technical Committee of the 9th Muscat International Film Festival 2016 Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Dhofar Forum for Arab Film 2016 Vice President of the Omani Film Association for Technical Affairs Participation in the association’s delegation in the Malmö Festival - Participation in the association's delegation in the 33rd Alexandria Film Festival and the cinema decoration course sponsored by the General Union of Arab Artists, which was held on the sidelines of the festival. - Participation in organizing Film Wednesday, which is organized by the Omani Association for Cinema and Theater (after merger) - Participation in the association's delegation at the 35th Alexandria Film Festival (2019) - Participation in the production management of the feature-length Omani cinematic film (Zayana) Managing Director of the First Electronic Cinema Festival 2020