Hamada Khalil

Liberal Studies : Studies in the art of cinema different from the National Centre for Cinema
The workshop was attended by industry short film with director Haile Jerima global figures during the Festival of the Luxor African Cinema 2012 and the taking out his short time of 5 minutes
Currently filming ended his short 12 -minute meeting, the impossible and the work of Gary montage
Training on media work and the Egyptian journalist statement .
Attended writing workshops scenario and dialogue with senior scriptwriters and dialogue such as Dr. Walid Saif - Ala Azzam and others .
Work: a short filmmaker and art programs independently. Directed numerous films Altsgeleh for the January 25 revolution
Education / Brhfa computer imaging . He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Division of Accounting - holds a free studies in various arts cinema .
TMF Group Financial Auditor
Head of the technical department work in the Arab Middle East Journal
Work of art editor in the newspaper folks Egypt
Worked as a technical editor for Al-Safir Al-Arabi International newspaper
Ali received a certificate of appreciation from the Aviation Club Sports Festival for his people is a red line
Director of Public Relations at the Palestinian film ( project turning point - the film behind the sun ) produce 2012 Gary Scarves in international film festivals .
Exit 4 short films , including three films from 25 revolution Tsgeleh January 1 short silent film his name moon face
The film does not Tore - film people is a red line - Road to the field - face film Moon Short Fiction silent - movie meeting Almsthal Short Fiction 12 minutes
Screenwriter and film dialogue dream - the scenario writer and film dialogue Amani difficult - author of the scenario and dialogue feature film vortex under implementation .
Writer of short stories - ment Class - art case - Whirlpool - vibrate when I speak of the world - you Maine -
Technical writer and editor in the newspaper the day - Newspaper Arab Middle East - Egypt News Journal -
Participated in the Alexandria International Film Festival in competition for feature films Aldegtal short .
Participated in the festival Moskrz Liberty International Short Film Festival in its first and second .
Participated in the Luxor Festival of African Cinema Workshop in the film industry in its second session .
Identities :
Film directing - writing - photography - listening to music - writing stories - computer
Societies :
Member Sawy Culture Wheel - a member of the Youth Committee of the Supreme Council for Culture - Member of the Media and Public Relations of the National Committee for the defense of freedom of thought and creativity - a member of the African Economic Council
Member of the Society for the current renaissance of culture and the arts Flags - Member of the Association of Independent Electronic Press
Founding member of the Independent indege Art
Member of the American Honor Society
Member of the Cinematographic Communication and Creativity Association